The Gemba Group Board Room

Alleycat Creative was engaged to help deliver the concept of an engaging and interactive artwork upon the walls of the Boardroom in Gemba’s Melbourne office.
Gemba’s concept was a collection of 15 very different people standing in line, all waiting to buy tickets from a ticket booth. Each individual character represents a consumer of sport and entertainment found in the world of Gemba’s insights business. Each individual illustration has a QR code on their body that can be scanned to reveal a profile of the person. The art work was created in June 2015.

Artist: iandtheothers

Perri Projects Board Room

Alleycat Creative was engaged to assist the interior designer of Perri Projects, Melbourne add a hand made element to the recent refurbishment of Perri Projects South Melbourne office. An art work was commissioned to be installed directly onto the board room wall. The art work was to reflect the companies values of design, urban development, people & community. The art work was installed over a 2 day period in May 2015.

Artist: Buff Diss

Private Commission Melbourne

This is an example of one of the many private commission hand made art works facilitated and managed by Alleycat Creative.
The artist created a 2.5 meter by 3.5 meter hand illustrated art work featuring an elk head using pastel crayons drawn directly onto the wall surface.
The artwork was installed in February 2015.

Artist: Twoone

Tennis Australia

Alleycat Creative was engaged to work with Tennis Australia providing a short term creative visual element within their Players resting rooms.
Alleycat Creative artist added detailed in situ hand made designs fitting to the Clients brief using electrical tape.
The design was a city scape highlighting several of Melbourne’s iconic buildings.
The line of tape then morphed into the trajectory of a ball that bounced around the entire room.
The Tape art piece was in place for the Australian Open 2015.

Artist: Klara

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Alleycat Creative worked with the MSO to scout & secure 4 sites in Melbourne CBD laneways upon which to create 4 street art works inspired by 4 of their up and coming concerts in the 2015 Calendar of Events. Alleycat designed artist briefs for each theme and then best matched Melbourne artists to each of the 4 concerts and project managed all aspects of each of the installs in the 4 different public laneways.
There were Pop Up MSO performances in front of the art works and a competition promoted on social media for the public to find the art works hidden in the laneways. Art works were installed mid October 2014.

Artists: Lucy Lucy, Regan, Drew Funk & Kaffeine





Movember 2014

Alleycat Creative was engaged to assist Movember in researching and securing large scale historic building facades in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane upon which an outdoor poster exhibition could be created.
The consultancy involved Alleycat Creative scouting within each city to put forward a selection of potential sites that met the brief.
Out of a short list of preferences Alleycat Creative then investigated/attained permits and approvals required for the install of the large scale paste up exhibition.
The exhibition was installed in October 2014.

Grovedale Hotel Geelong

The Grovedale Hotel in Geelong has recently created a new Beer Garden with recycled timber and cobblestone floor fit out.
Alleycat Creative was invited to assist the Grovedale Hotel create their vision for the new space to target a new crowd.
An 8m by 4m hand painted mural was created using earthy tones to compliment the new fit out upon one of the walls in the beer garden.
The art piece adds a hand made unique one off element, interest and personality to the new space.
The piece was created over a 24 hour period in October 2014.

Artist: Makatron

Deakin University – Burwood

Alleycat Creative was engaged to assist Red Design Group (architects and designers) installing hand painted design elements throughout the new restaurant and function spaces of the iconic ‘BC’ Building at the Burwood Campus.
The ‘Mrs Robinson’ restaurant aims to attract local community and University guests with its high quality menu and service.
An artist was selected to create hand design elements that complimented the colour scheme of the fit out and aspirational personality of the space.
Artworks were installed directly upon concrete pillars, food service areas, planter boxes and in bathrooms to assist in tying various elements of the new fit out together and create warmth, personality and fluidity to the spaces.

Artist: Aaron Mckenzie


Melbourne Indesign 2014

Alleycat Creative worked with an event planner who was responsible for organising the 2014 Melbourne Indesign Galleria exhibition.
Alleycat Creative was engaged to assist with providing an artistic ‘way finding’ directional solution for the space.
A tape artist was chosen to create temporary directional prompts in line with Indesigns logo and branding.
The tape artist also created an abstract tape art work upon one of the walls.
Yarn artists were invited to ‘yarn bomb’ the stairwell. The Galleria Crew’s yarn work added texture and vibrancy contrasting to the surrounds.

Artists: Klara & Suki


Space & Co

Alleycat Creative was engaged to curate artists to install tailor hand made design elements within a recently refurbished floor of Space & Co.
Space & Co (a members based communal office space in Melbourne Central) were looking to visually ‘activate’ a rear section of their office space with a ‘warm, playful, organic looking & clean’ layer of detail.
The artists created the concept of a rope that unravelled throughout the office creating outlines of shapes and symbols along its way such as tightrope with a person hanging upside down & hands playing with a Rubiks cube.
The rope then nestles into a corner of the board room where it forms a nest for a series of hand painted birds that feature around the office space.
The rope concept included a yarn element in the design where crocheted flower pot cosies were introduced onto an existing vegetative wall.
The project was installed in July 2014 and aspects of it were featured online in Habitusliving in July 2014.