What we are about

Alleycat Creative is an urban art consultancy, laneway specialist.
Working with Melbourne’s underground street artists, Alleycat provides creative solutions to architects, interior designers, urban designers, developers, small businesses and private clients.
Alleycat Creative matches artists to clients. Artists create and install in-situ hand made art pieces (using street art techniques) directly onto wall surfaces to complement and transform spaces (both inside and out).

White Night Projection : Garden State Hotel

The Garden State Hotel, Melbourne engaged Alleycat Creative to commission an artist and technician to create a projection upon the front facade of their Flinders Lane Building for two nights in February 2017 alongside the White Night festival.
The artwork was created to represent full bloom of summer flowers in vintage style.
The artwork was animated and displayed a series of foliage and floral designs over a 3 minute loop before dissolving away and starting again.
This project was a collaboration with Kym Ortenburg – Gertrude Projection Festival.
Artist: Olaf Meyer

Preston Market

As part of the Preston Market rejuvenation, through NH Architects, Alleycat Creative was engaged to commission an artist to design & install hand painted pattern upon the 100+sqm ceiling surface of the Meat & Fish Block & Deli blocks at Preston Market.
The artwork was installed on non market days over a three month period and was completed in February 2017. The artwork brief required the design be simple, provide interest, subtle colour and texture referencing European market awnings.
Artist: Aaron McKenzie

The Garden State Hotel

The Garden State Hotel was a renovation and transformation of the Rosarti building in Flinders Lane, Melbourne completed in Spring 2016.
The building has become a 4 level pub featuring cocktail lounge, public bar and private dining areas.
Alleycat Creative was engaged to commission artists to hand painted large scale artworks within the interior of the venue and hand paint the signage and light fittings for the exterior of the venue.
The venue is nestled between prominent & popular street art laneways in Melbourne so the brief was to integrate the new venue into its surrounds.
Artists: Dave & Gus Eagleton



MITPIT Construction

Alleycat Creative was engaged in May 2016 to commission an artist to hand paint the architects chosen design upon a 4 storey, 30meter long apartment building exterior facade.
The apartments were situated along a well used laneway thoroughfare. The artist installed using brush and paint the winter nature scene over a 5 week period upon the facade using an elevated platform.
Artist: Suki


Shed180 is an Outdoor Art Gallery created upon the exterior of a beautiful historic building in an industrial area within West Melbourne.
Working with the owners of the site the Gallery was created over a six month period in 2015 and will remain in place for 4-5 years as part of a broader transformation of the area into a mixed use zone. As the precinct transforms and develops, the bricks from the Shed will be removed carefully and be reused within either an exhibition space or artist in residence studio space. The Urban art upon Shed180 celebrates a wide range of different forms of expression that make our city vibrant.

Artist: Makatron & Conrad
Artist: Lucy Lucy & Slicer
Artist: Aaron McKenzie
Artist: Buff Diss
Artist: ID Crew
Artist: Be Free & Mupz



DPGallery 385 Bourke St – Co Working Space Commissions

Alleycat Creative was engaged to assist the Dexus Group with the curation of two artists to be included in the gallery collection within a recently refurbished Co Working space at 385 Bourke Street.
Local Melbourne Artists were selected to compliment and contrast to other artists within the Co Working space and ‘to bring some of the outside in’.
Artworks were created directly upon the wall surfaces in November 2015.

Artists: Klara
Artist: Be Free




South City Square Woolloongabba

Alleycat Creative has been engaged to work with Pellicano and Perri Projects creating an urban Art Strategy for a Development in Woolloongabba Brisbane.
The Development of the South City Square precinct will include a very strong visual public art presence throughout the public areas.
To set the tone for exciting public art to come, Alleycat Creative managed two preliminary public art initiatives in October 2015.

(1) The End of the Line Festival performance piece
An artist was engaged to paint live at the End of The Line Festival upon wooden panels.
The artwork was painted during the festival so the public could enjoy viewing the process and be introduced to the creative aspects of the new precinct. This artwork is to be displayed at the Development site.
Artist: Gimiks Born created a pink and blue mermaid and river bull shark

(2) Artwork created on Development Site
An artist was engaged to create an ‘experimental piece’ (whatever they wanted) upon an existing blank wall on the Development site. The idea behind this is to engage the public and celebrate artistic expression even in the early days of the building process.
Artist: The Zookeeper



Depo 8 – Creative Working Space Commission Piece

Alleycat Creative assisted Depo 8 transform a previous white wall in their co working office into a vibrant feature wall within the office space.
The brief was to install a hand painted design that reflected playfulness, creativity, people and the local surrounds of Prahran yet also compliment the existing 1970′s style interior fit out.
The effect is a colourful, elegant design incorporating solid colours and fine line whimsical elements.
The artwork was installed in November 2015.

Artist: Klara

The Gemba Group Board Room

Alleycat Creative was engaged to help deliver the concept of an engaging and interactive artwork upon the walls of the Boardroom in Gemba’s Melbourne office.
Gemba’s concept was a collection of 15 very different people standing in line, all waiting to buy tickets from a ticket booth. Each individual character represents a consumer of sport and entertainment found in the world of Gemba’s insights business. Each individual illustration has a QR code on their body that can be scanned to reveal a profile of the person. The art work was created in June 2015.

Artist: iandtheothers

Perri Projects Board Room

Alleycat Creative was engaged to assist the interior designer of Perri Projects, Melbourne add a hand made element to the recent refurbishment of Perri Projects South Melbourne office. An art work was commissioned to be installed directly onto the board room wall. The art work was to reflect the companies values of design, urban development, people & community. The art work was installed over a 2 day period in May 2015.

Artist: Buff Diss